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Donalyn’s Nerdy Book Club Posts

Book Access During a Pandemic – A Conversation Between Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp

Reading or Not, Here We Go: A Social Distancing #bookaday Challenge

Past, Present, and Future (Our Eighth Nerdversary)

It’s Not Complicated

Kids Need Books Everywhere

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School Library Journal Posts

For Kids Who Don’t Have Books at Home, Communities Are Working to Reach Them

Reading Joy in the Time of Coronavirus

Laying the Groundwork for Summer Reading Starts Now

Is Your School a DeFacto Book Desert?

Planning for Another Year of Reading

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Ed Week Book Whisperer Posts

Five Teaching Tips for Helping Students Become ‘Wild Readers’

48 Hour Read-a-Thon

Building Up Your Book Muscle

Share a Story Shape a Future: Creating a Reading Culture at Home

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Guest Posts and interviews

Becoming a Classroom of Readers (ASCD)

Are Good Readers Born or Made? (Washington Post Answer Sheet)

Reading Rockets: An Interview with Donalyn Miller

What Are the Habits of Lifelong Readers, How Do We Instill Them? (BAM Radio Podcast with Larry Ferlazzo)



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Ask the Book whisperer

Ask the Book Whisperer is Donalyn Miller’s new weekly web series where she answers questions from you about engaging young people with reading or creating a culture of reading at school and home. Submit your questions here. Check out the series on her YouTube page.


The #bookaday hashtag began in the summer of 2009 for people who were part of a Book-Day-Challenge issued by Donalyn to share what we read during the challenge. It has expanded to be a regularly used hashtag with challenges issued over holiday and summer breaks.

In November 2016, Donalyn launched her #bookaday giveaways on Facebook as a personal commitment to donate at least one book that celebrates our global family every day for the next four years.


#titletalk is an hour-long Twitter chat moderated by Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp on the last Sunday of every month beginning at  9 PM EST. The first half hour is spent on a literacy education topic; the second half hour is spent recommending titles. The second half is what has earned #titletalk the unofficial title of  “the most expensive thirty minutes” on Twitter.


Donalyn Miller co-created (along with Colby Sharp and Cindy Minnich) the Nerdy Book Club blog in December 2011 as the online home of the Nerdy Book Club Awards. It quickly grew to include daily posts that shared and promoted a love of reading – especially a love of reading books for children and young adults.

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