I am still working through the questions to my FAQ giveaway contest in November.

The absolute best way to contact me for a short question is through Twitter.

8 responses to “FAQ

  1. Monika de Medeiros

    Hello Donalyn,

    I am anxiously waiting for the 3:30 bell so I can go home and retrieve my copy of your new book from my front porch that was delivered today. I have never before been so excited about a professional reading book!
    I am wondering if you are presenting at the IRA conference in New Orleans in May. I would like to attend one of your workshops but it seems as though you haven’t got many Canadian dates (or I’m looking in the wrong places). Perhaps you could direct me to where I might best be able to attend one of your sessions this school year.

    Kind regards and many thanks!

  2. Hi Monika,
    Yes, I will be presenting at IRA in May with Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle. I hope to meet you.

  3. Hi-
    I just posted on your home page. My partner and I presented at the central Iowa AIW Mid-year conference today. Many of our district staff attended our break out session. An admin from our district mentioned that it would be great if staff could read, The Book Whisperer. Any suggestions/recommendations on getting this book study started?

    Mendy Moritz

  4. Martin Vickers

    Ms. Miller,

    Are teachers permitted to reproduce the forms in Appendix C from “The Book Whisperer” to use with our students? I was looking in the book and couldn’t find where it said we could, but I could be overlooking it.



  5. Tamara Acuff

    I teach a reading intervention class and I try to incorporate as many Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild strategies as I can, because they are awesome! This year I had my students complete the End of Year Reading Habits survey from Reading in the Wild. I read the answers to the questions “How did you surprise yourself as a reader?” and cried as I read the things that my studetns were feeling but would never say outloud. Answers like “I did not really have faith that I could do it and I did.” and “The thing that surprised me the most is that I didn’t think I was going to be a good reader.” just floored me. So many days I am not sure if what I am doing is making any difference and answers like these proved my self-doubts wrong. THANK YOU!!!

  6. I am currently taking a class focused around your book, “The Book Whisperer”. Thanks for all of the great ideas. I love the idea of the 40 Book Challenge. I see this mentioned for middle-schoolers. What about fourth grade? Have you found 40 works for them? Do you also allow the students to ready any book (i.e. picture books) or just chapter books? I understand the goal is just to get them reading, but am wondering your thoughts on this. Thank you for your inspiration to get students reading!!

  7. I just read “The Book Whisperer” and “Reading in the Wild” in the past two days! I’m really excited to begin my school year off using your suggestions. I downloaded your books from amazon onto my ipad and was wondering if there is a way I could get the appendix files into PDF or pages document files so I can recreate some of them for my student’s reading notebooks. Thank you for your ideas and inspiration I have never been so excited to start a new year of teaching to see how this can positively impact my students!